Istanbul Airport Shuttle (Shared)

Istanbul Airport Shuttle (Shared)

A shared taxi is an alternative way of a taxi ride where more than one people who are going to close locations share a taxi for several reasons. Such reasons may include paying less money and protecting the environment by producing less carbon. Istanbul Airport Shuttle is one of the biggest transportation services in Istanbul and in addition to many vehicle types for service, we also have shared taxi service.

With our İstanbul Shared Shuttle service, our customers can share a shuttle with a completely exclusive VIP experience. Considered to other companies, we offer İstanbul VIP cheap shuttle service, because we want everybody to benefit from our high price / performance ratio service. This is because we believe that everybody has the right to get a high quality service.

Therefore, we make our shared taxi prices affordable, especially when one considers our more than 10 years of experience in the sector. In addition to affordable prices, you should also notice that our prices are also fixed. This means that no personnel of Istanbul Airport Shuttle service is going to require you to pay more than what is told you before. If you are worried about the airports since there are many airports in Istanbul, we want to emphasize that we offer our service from each airport in İstanbul.

Thus, you can contact us whether you want to use Sabiha Gökçen Airport shuttle or İstanbul Airport transfer. Our shared taxi has a large interior, so that you experience an exclusive trip with the persons you share the taxi with. A customer may have a luggage or a carry-on baggage while using our shared taxi service.

If you have many luggage, shared taxi may not be the right option for you, and we suggest our private taxi service for you. After each customer’s luggage and other personal belongings are put in the taxi, we are ready for the ride. It should be noted that only the persons with similar itinerary as you will share a shuttle with you. This makes sure that your ride will not last long.

As a matter of fact, you will arrive to your destination in a similar period of time as a private taxi. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about the duration of the ride. As an experienced team, we will do our best to make you experience a high quality shared taxi service.

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