İstanbul Taxi, Bus and Shuttle Services

İstanbul Taxi, Bus and Shuttle Services

You may already heard of some news about taxis requiring unfair high prices from their customers in the airports in Istanbul, especially from tourists. It is very natural that if you are a tourist, then you may be worried about these situations. As the team of Istanbul Shuttle Port, we understand you if you feel worried and we are only here to help you.

We are a completely tourist friendly company which are always working to make you get a fair and high quality service. Thus, if you are worried about the unfair prices that taxis impose in Istanbul, you can prefer our İstanbul Taxi - Bus and Shuttle service with a mind at peace. Our İstanbul taxi fares are affordable, cheap considered to our high quality standards and most importantly, it is fixed.

By fixing our prices, we want to make sure that you will not pay more than what is told to you before the taxi ride. In addition to this, we have many ways of payment. You can choose any payment method before arranging your taxi ride.

One payment option is the paid in advance method which is made with credit card. So, you can pay before your ride with your credit card in order not to deal with payment issues during your trip. You should note that all of our payment methods are done in world standards and it is completely safe. Another option for payment is 30% prepaid method where you pay 30% of the total amount in advance and pay the rest during your ride.

This is our most preferable method because it is comprehendible and reasonable. In addition, you can choose the payment during ride method. With this method, you can pay all of the amount during your ride, so that you won’t be paying any money before your trip. In all of the payment methods, you can use your credit card, that is, we accept the payment with credit card in the taxi. This is because we believe in a service which is effortless for the customer.

As an alternative service to the banned UBER taxi İstanbul service, whether you want to use İstanbul Airport transfer service or Sabiha Gökçen Airport transfer service, we are ready to make you experience a superior taxi ride where you have many payment options with credit card. We are always with you with our corporate structure aiming to provide 24/7 service.

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