How to Get to Hagia Sophia?

How to Get to Hagia Sophia?

After reading about the fascinating history, architecture, and art of Hagia Sophia, you may be eager to visit this magnificent structure yourself. If you are in the city, you must visit Hagia Sophia!

Hagia Sophia Museum

To visit the museum, you need to be prepared. Check the latest visiting hours online and try to go early in the morning. There may be long queues inside the museum, but be patient and plan your visit accordingly. Also museum admission is free.

Taking photos inside the museum is allowed, so feel free to take lots of pictures. However, be careful not to use flash as it is prohibited. As you walk around the museum, listening to the information provided by the guides will help you understand the structure better. Also, by examining the works of art closely, you can discover Hagia Sophia's historical and architecture with Istanbul Shuttle Port. Discover Now!

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