Topkapi Palace: Capital of the Ottoman Empire

Topkapi Palace: Capital of the Ottoman Empire

Topkapi Palace is one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul and the official residence used by the Ottoman Empire from the 15th century to the end of the 19th century. The palace is located in Istanbul's Historical Peninsula, near the Sultanahmet Square and houses many important museums.

There's a lot to see inside the palace, so travelers are advised to spend at least half a day here. You can contact us from Istanbul Shuttle Port Support to learn the details.
Some of the must-see places in Topkapi Palace include:

- Harem: The most intimate and secretive area of the palace, Harem was the living space of Sultan's family, including wives, concubines, and children. Here, you can learn about the lives of women who once ruled the Ottoman Empire.

Topkapi Palace Museum


- Archaeology Museums: Located on the west side of Topkapi Palace, the Archaeology Museums are one of the largest archaeological museums in the world. The museum exhibits many objects from Ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Hellenistic period.

- Second Courtyard: In the Second Courtyard, you'll experience more technical places, such as the shipyard district that holds a significant place in the history of the Ottoman Empire.

- Treasury Area: The Treasury is one of the most famous parts of Topkapi Palace. Here, you can see the most important jewelry, precious stones, and jeweled objects of the Ottoman Empire.

The visiting hours of the palace vary depending on the season, so travelers are advised to check the most current visiting hours. In addition, there may be long queues, especially during the peak tourism periods, so coming early in the morning is the best option. Lastly, it's important to note that the rules about taking photos inside the museums are strict.

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